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Hey Asanka, what was the title of the publication?
The release should be going out this week.  
This should be resolved in the next release.  
Hey Dave, can you let me know what the specific funding type was?
We're aware of this but are prioritizing bugs & a few core features over this bit.  
We have sorted this out and will be rolling out the updated release to production shortly.  
We have entered this into the bug tracker and will get it sorted shortly.

Thanks for finding it!
Hey Dave...can you clarify if you are talking about an "event" related to a publication (i.e. ACM or IEEE) or edit details related to an "activity" (i.e. a meeting with DFKI)?
Cool...we're working on this now.  This looks to be the same issue as Joao's so I'm going to close this ticket & cross-reference.