Ian O'Keeffe 13 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 13 years ago 4
The default page is referred to as the 'Dashboard' however this might not be the most appropriate term as it's really a list of all publications and activities across the entire project. Already this list is too long to be useful and that's only with the publications listed, if we had been using this system for the entire project there would also be a huge number of activities as well. Maybe the page should be made to function more as a dashboard, presenting an overview of the project showing total number of publications/activities. This could even be broken up into SF, LOC, etc. From here it would then be possible to drill down to the thing that is of interest to the user.
It really is designed to be a Dashboard that provides visibility across all of the activities going on across a project. We are aware of the pagination problem and are working to get it quickly resolved. Would also like to include some basic filtering across tracks/workpackages.
I agree with Ian, the dashboard shows so many publications so you have to scroll way down to see the activities etc. It is better if it only shows the most recent 5 publications or so with a link to more publications (same is with activities). More intelligent solution would be to display only related publications and activities for a particular user.
We definitely agree! Getting the pagination sorted is a major priority in the next few days.
Take a look at the updated dashboard. It is the first step towards making it more dynamic...would like to add additional filters as well.