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We definitely agree! Getting the pagination sorted is a major priority in the next few days.
No activities shouldn't be locked after adding them. If you click on the Activities tab, you should see everything you have input and there should be a little Pencil graphic you can click on to edit anything you have put into the system. If the pencil isn't there let me know.
You are talking about editing your profile name on LabJam not UserEcho right? We can easily add this functionality to the profile section. Give us a bit.
Can you clarify a bit more? If it is easier email me some screenshots.
It really is designed to be a Dashboard that provides visibility across all of the activities going on across a project. We are aware of the pagination problem and are working to get it quickly resolved. Would also like to include some basic filtering across tracks/workpackages.
We're looking at ways to make the co-author selection process more streamlined. Stay tuned!
Thanks for submitting this. We should have it fixed shortly.
Can you clarify a little...what is the RHS you are referring to?