Tool for checking co-author list against bib entry

Joachim 11 years ago 0

Problem: http://labjam.userecho.com/topic/207816-publications-ask-for-review-of-co-author-list-when-marking-as-accepted/

Idea: Show a table with 2 columns "Bib Entry" and "Author List (Submitter + Co-authors)", one row for each publication. For each row, highlight every surname that appears in both columns in light green and every surname that appears in the author list column but not in the bib entry in strong red. As the surname is in the database, this is easy to implement. Not so easy would be to identify new surnames in the bib entry (that is surnames that are missing in the Labjam author list) and mark them with purple.

This table would help to identify incomplete author lists that need to be corrected to show publications on the individual researcher profiles. If something is red, it means  that it may be missing in bib entry - this should be rare and is not the main problem addressed here. To notice the problem, one reads the start of the bib entries and verifies that every surname is light green. If there is a surname in the bib entry not marked light green, it probably needs to be added to the list of authors.