List of people not updated on public website

Joachim 11 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan 3

Gabriel has been added to Labjam almost a week ago and is still missing on the public website. Either this is a bug or if some essential information was not provided in the profile, the Labjam interface should make this more clear.

Hi Joachim,

Labjam in its core is not built to facilitate any other website. I have built some features into Labjam that makes it 'easy' to feed information stored in Labjam into the cngl.ie (only) website. CNGL's centre manager can create users, but also has access to a form where more cngl.ie specific info can be entered. The case with Gabriel is that he was created as new user, but his alumni status was not set and thus marked NULL. In the website we look specifically for a boolean value. So, the quick fix is when a user is created to also have a look at his/her profile on the cngl.ie tab in Labjam. The long term fix would be for me to enter default info when a new user is created.

Hi Joris,

Thanks for your reply. If the software cannot be changed to be more robust to incomplete data entry, maybe you can show the relevant people on the operations team again what data fields are essential and how to populate them (not just for new accounts but also for existing accounts).

I checked the names that came up recently in wiki and cluster account requests whether they are on Labjam and the public website and we seem to have a bigger problem: at least 13 new and not so new members are missing on the public website despite a Labjam account.

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Hi Joachim,

This is a cngl.ie specific issue and not a Labjam issue.

If you want someone who is in Labjam to appear on cngl.ie, click on the cngl.ie tab in Labjam (only available to centre manager)> select that user from the list> check data> click save... then wait a day or two and he/she will be on the people page at cngl.ie