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List of people is missing person previously added to a list of attendees, for example Alex

Joachim 11 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Joris Vreeke 11 jaar geleden 4

1. added a meeting, added Alex (appears under "O" as expected)

2. added another meeting

3. added yet another meeting, again trying to add Alex but this time he is not in the list:

O'Beirne, Ciaran - ciaran.obeirne@ucd.ie
O'Brien, Sharon - Sharon.OBrien@dcu.ie
O'Brien, Timothy - timothy.obrien@nuigalway.ie
O'Dowd, Tony - Tonyod@alchemysoftware.ie
O'Keeffe, Ian - Ian.OKeeffe@scss.tcd.ie
O'Keeffe, Ian - ian.okeeffe@ul.ie
O'Sullivan, Declan - declan.osullivan@tcd.ie
Oertel, Catha - catha@kth.se
Ogbureke, Udochukwu Kalu - udo.kalu@yahoo.es
Okita, Tsuyoshi - tokita@computing.dcu.ie


Under review

Working on this now.  

Just had this same issue.

This is a bug, not an idea.

Under review

Working on this now.  

Same just happened with Steve and this time I haven't previously (in this session) added him to anything. The either this crosses session boundaries (I did add Steve to a list of attendees last week; I always log out) or the issue is independent of whether the ID has previously been selected.

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And then, when adding yet another meeting, Steve was available again. (Same Labjam session.)