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Vote +1. The error message is "404 Not Found" when clicking on the download links of Joao's papers last edited last Thursday.

Hi Joris,

Thanks for your reply. If the software cannot be changed to be more robust to incomplete data entry, maybe you can show the relevant people on the operations team again what data fields are essential and how to populate them (not just for new accounts but also for existing accounts).

I checked the names that came up recently in wiki and cluster account requests whether they are on Labjam and the public website and we seem to have a bigger problem: at least 13 new and not so new members are missing on the public website despite a Labjam account.

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Cool. Thanks. Did you change anything or did I somehow miss her (I did check)?

And then, when adding yet another meeting, Steve was available again. (Same Labjam session.)

Same just happened with Steve and this time I haven't previously (in this session) added him to anything. The either this crosses session boundaries (I did add Steve to a list of attendees last week; I always log out) or the issue is independent of whether the ID has previously been selected.

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Check for inconsistent formats so far. I used the wide-spread APA style (see my e-mails from earlier this year), Ergun replaced some commas with full-stops and added stars before the proceedings titles. Stephen and Ahmed decided to put brackets around the year but otherwise just use commas as in the template. It's a mess.

This is particularly painful when the co-author who entered the publication into the system has left CNGL. At the moment, the only option is to ask Sophie to update the details.

At the time Muhammad posted this, there were no individual publication lists on the cngl website yet. So while he was talking about Labjam-internal publication lists, this also applies to the public profiles. - Joachim

Publication date to be precise (journal articles do not have an event date) - Joachim