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(d) enforce that all publications are submitted to an OpenAccess repository such as DORAS in DCU and only link to the publication entries in such repositories from the public website.

(1) Sure, we cannot publish what has not yet IP clearance. BTW: just not allowing indexing and not linking to a file publicly may not be enough to say that something wasn't public. URLs like https://app.labjam.com/projects/project51/outfile.pdf are not too difficult to guess, especially if one can find hundreds of examples what our paper URLs look like on the public website. 

(2) There are simple solutions: (a) serve the documents dynamically (checking authentication) rather than as static files - this also solves the issue above ("BTW"), (b) move the public files into a folder that can be indexed, (c) copy the public files to www.cngl.ie where they can be index.

Can confirm that bug is still there (June 2013). New picture shows only after re-login. - Joachim

Same for meeting activities. Other attendees' profile streams are not populated.

Yes, the submit button now does something in Firefox 3.6.17. However, as by one of my other bug reports, I cannot finish submitting a publication as the red box (Please provide an existing event, otherwise create a new one using the '+' button on the right" ) appears even though I did exactly as told (using the plus sign to add a new event). Friday 2012-01-27 Joachim
Yes, I still cannot add existing co-authors. Tested both with Firefox 9 in OpenSUSE 11.2 and IE9 with Windows 7.There is no triangle to click on to get a drop down list of people and there is no auto-complete when a type in names. Also, if I just type in the list of co-authors and hit submit, the input is ignored. Going via the plus sign, I can only add co-authors if I come up with a new e-mail address. The same holds if I submit the publication with an incomplete author list and then try to add more co-authors editing the entry.

Also, after submitting From News to Comment: Resources and Benchmarks for Parsing the Language of Web 2.0 with an incomplete co-author list, I see Jennifer twice (with two different e-mail addresses) although I entered her only once for this publication, that is there was only 1 blue bubble with her name in it when I submitted the form.
As to the drop down list not showing when hitting the triangle and to not see any list when typing words that definitely should be in the system, I have the same error with IE9 under Windows 7. Other than last week (and with a different browser), submitting with a new event added via the plus sign works though (ignoring that I cannot complete the co-author list, see Cannot add co-author.)
Names can be ambiguous, for example "Ian O'Keeffe", and also suffer from variations, for example "Schloegl" vs "Schlögl" vs "Schlogl". So the choice of key doesn't realy solve the problem. Maybe a cronjob can run a simple clustering algorithm once a week and ask Sophie for confirmation to merge identities. (The system should remember rejected clusters so that they are not proposed again, unless requested to revise previous decisions.)