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Search result shows wrong publication status

Joachim il y a 10 ans mis à jour par Joris Vreeke il y a 10 ans 1
The publications (1) DCU-UVT: Language Identification with Code-Mixed Data, (2) Code-Mixing: A Challenge for Language Identification in Social Media’s User Generated Content, and (3) Code-Mixing: A Challenge for Automatic Text Processing in Social Media's User Generated Content
show status "accepted" when clicked on them in search results for "DCU-UVT" and "code-mixing". However, in the user's stream they have status "pending peer review". (Soon they will have "withdrawn" or something else that marks them as wrong. Note that they are 2 more search results with similar titles. These are the correct final publications.)

The bug is that the wrong status is displayed. Clearly, only one status can be correct.

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Hi Joachim,

There are two stages that define the status of a publication. First there is the stage that deals with internal (IP) review  and then there is the peer review stage where your publication is ready to be submitted for a conference etc. both stages have a status accepted. One is accepted by the IP committee and the other is when it is accepted by the conference, journal, etc.

I see your confusion after doing the search you described. Take what is in the stream as the correct information. The search result needs to be updated.