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Search result shows wrong publication status

Joachim 10 year бұрын updated by Joris Vreeke 10 year бұрын 1
The publications (1) DCU-UVT: Language Identification with Code-Mixed Data, (2) Code-Mixing: A Challenge for Language Identification in Social Media’s User Generated Content, and (3) Code-Mixing: A Challenge for Automatic Text Processing in Social Media's User Generated Content
show status "accepted" when clicked on them in search results for "DCU-UVT" and "code-mixing". However, in the user's stream they have status "pending peer review". (Soon they will have "withdrawn" or something else that marks them as wrong. Note that they are 2 more search results with similar titles. These are the correct final publications.)

The bug is that the wrong status is displayed. Clearly, only one status can be correct.

Under review
Hi Joachim,

There are two stages that define the status of a publication. First there is the stage that deals with internal (IP) review  and then there is the peer review stage where your publication is ready to be submitted for a conference etc. both stages have a status accepted. One is accepted by the IP committee and the other is when it is accepted by the conference, journal, etc.

I see your confusion after doing the search you described. Take what is in the stream as the correct information. The search result needs to be updated.