No drop down list after submitting publication with "non-existing" event

Joachim 12 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 12 years ago 2

I cannot delete entries...

johnmcauley 12 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 12 years ago 0
I added a status and a publication and i am unable to delete them

Joris Vreeke 12 years ago
Yes, that was by design...you are able to edit & mark a publication as "Withdrawn" but not entirely delete one.  

We will look @ adding in a "Remove" option for mistaken submissions.

Cannot add publication, I tried several times but after filling in the info it doesn't appear on the dashboard

Alejandra Lopez Fernandez 12 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 11 years ago 1
Problem submitting publication
Joris Vreeke 11 years ago

This should be fixed now.  Please let me know if you're still having issues.  


Tool for checking co-author list against bib entry

Joachim 11 years ago 0

Problem: http://labjam.userecho.com/topic/207816-publications-ask-for-review-of-co-author-list-when-marking-as-accepted/

Idea: Show a table with 2 columns "Bib Entry" and "Author List (Submitter + Co-authors)", one row for each publication. For each row, highlight every surname that appears in both columns in light green and every surname that appears in the author list column but not in the bib entry in strong red. As the surname is in the database, this is easy to implement. Not so easy would be to identify new surnames in the bib entry (that is surnames that are missing in the Labjam author list) and mark them with purple.

This table would help to identify incomplete author lists that need to be corrected to show publications on the individual researcher profiles. If something is red, it means  that it may be missing in bib entry - this should be rare and is not the main problem addressed here. To notice the problem, one reads the start of the bib entries and verifies that every surname is light green. If there is a surname in the bib entry not marked light green, it probably needs to be added to the list of authors.

Under review

Search result shows wrong publication status

Joachim 9 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 9 years ago 1
The publications (1) DCU-UVT: Language Identification with Code-Mixed Data, (2) Code-Mixing: A Challenge for Language Identification in Social Media’s User Generated Content, and (3) Code-Mixing: A Challenge for Automatic Text Processing in Social Media's User Generated Content
show status "accepted" when clicked on them in search results for "DCU-UVT" and "code-mixing". However, in the user's stream they have status "pending peer review". (Soon they will have "withdrawn" or something else that marks them as wrong. Note that they are 2 more search results with similar titles. These are the correct final publications.)

The bug is that the wrong status is displayed. Clearly, only one status can be correct.


How is the report populated?

Joachim 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 0
On "metrics - generate report", it is not clear to Fiona (and me) where each field comes from and what the report means. Furthermore, we notices that there are all 0 and one 1 (at Finance Administrator) for the number of people broken down by job title, suggesting that the system fails to retrieve information for other people than the person logged in.

This comes down to the missing help text and explanations in the forms in Labjam. I understand that you want to keep the amount of information on each page low to not overwhelm the user. Instead of the always-on helptexts that we have in Drupal, what do you think of adding tool tips (explanatory boxes that pop up when the mouse comes close to the respective input field)?

publication file I'm uploading is not allowed

Joao Cabral 9 years ago 0
I've tried to add a new publication under the category extended abstract.
I uploaded a pdf file which seems ok but after I submit this entry I get the following error message:
"The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed."

search produces "fatal error" for empty input

Joachim 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 0
Empty input crashes the search if also all categories are checked. Searching within one category, for example people, suggests that all entries are supposed to be shown as a result. Presumably, the result set is too large for the memory limits of the PHP configuration:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /var/www/labjam/app/production/application/views/toptables/search_results_view.php on line 194

publication creation error

Wasala 12 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 12 years ago 2
trying to create a journal publication (for IP clearance) - earlier it gave an error asking to add the journal. The journal has been added. Now when I try to re-create/resubmit the same publication (as it was not created last time) it says co-authors are already added. 

update contact information

Joao Cabral 11 years ago 0

I would like to update my contact information to:

room F.34, O'Reilly, Trinity College Dublin