help menu specifying multiple examples of each tab

Eamonn Kenny 10 years ago 0
This would help people to properly present info that goes into SFI metrics

event entry dialogue 2

Those Two Girls 12 years ago 0
Also you seem to have to enter the name for the activity title and for the event name and then again in the event entry dialogue.


Publications: cannot update bibliographic entry with final page numbers

Joachim 11 years ago 0

(ok, I heard you have it in your backlog but just to document it here)

Labjam asks for the bibliographic entry when a publication is accepted but almost always the page numbers are not known yet at this stage. Therefore, and because other details may also change, users need to be able to update bibliographic entries later on.


Publication Details are not correctly shown

Muhammad Javed 13 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 13 years ago 1
Hi, If we look into a particular publication details, Abstract is not available at all, co-authors and details about the conference, details about the paper proceedings, are all combined in one location i.e. Abstract.
Joris Vreeke 13 years ago
This should be fixed now.

Incidentally we should have the pagination issues fixed shortly as well.

entry dialogue 5

Those Two Girls 12 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 12 years ago 1
Also, confusingly there is a '+' sign to enter the event details whereas there is a add button for attendees - a lot of interfaces would treat these as synonymous, so consider a different 'enter details' icon.


publication submit form broken in old Firefox

Joachim 12 years ago updated by Joris Vreeke 12 years ago 4
After a few weeks, I tried again with my testing system (OpenSUSE Linux and Firefox as installed on our DCU researcher's PCs and laptops 4 years ago assuming that they didn't manually update their system beyond the 2-year automatic update period). No reaction to the submit button.
Joris Vreeke 12 years ago
Can you confirm if you are still having this issue?