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order of publications in profile

Muhammad Javed 12 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan 2

I think publications (in profile) should be in the order based on the event date.

Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan

Ok...would also be nice to be able to choose how the list is sorted.  



Ian O'Keeffe 13 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 13 ár síðan 4
The default page is referred to as the 'Dashboard' however this might not be the most appropriate term as it's really a list of all publications and activities across the entire project. Already this list is too long to be useful and that's only with the publications listed, if we had been using this system for the entire project there would also be a huge number of activities as well. Maybe the page should be made to function more as a dashboard, presenting an overview of the project showing total number of publications/activities. This could even be broken up into SF, LOC, etc. From here it would then be possible to drill down to the thing that is of interest to the user.

duplicate people in database, for example Jennifer Foster

Joachim 11 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan 1

  • Fabian, Zsolt - Zsolt.fabian@nuigalway.ie
  • Farrell , Jennifer - Jennifer.Farrell2@ucdconnect.ie
  • Federmann, Christian - cfedermann@dfki.de
  • Fey, Dirk - temp@a2b.com
  • Filip, David - David.Filip@ul.ie
  • Finn , Leroy - finnle@tcd.ie
  • Fitzgerald, Des - des.fitzgerald@ucd.ie
  • Fitzpatrick, Susan - susan.fitzpatrick1@ucdconnect.ie
  • Foster, Jennifer - jfoster@computing.dcu.ie
  • Foster, Jennifer - jennifer.foster@computing.dcu.ie
  • Franco, Hector - francoph@cs.tcd.ie
  • Frank, Till - till.frank@ucd.ie
  • Friel , Ruairi - Ruairi.Friel@nuigalway.ie
  • Fu, Bo - bofu@cs.tcd.ie
  • Fukunaga, Takeshi - Fukunaga-T2@mail.dnp.co.ip

  • Answer
    Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan

    We need to do better duplication validation prior to accepting new additions to the DB.  


    Format for bibliographic entries

    Joachim 11 ár síðan Uppfært 11 ár síðan 1

    The format given in the box "suggested bibliographic entry" lists all items separated by commas which is highly unusual for bibliographic entries for after the list of authors, year and publication title. Furthermore, no help is provided how names should be formatted.

    Under review

    can i modify information on a publication as a co-author?

    Johannes Leveling 12 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan 2
    Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan

    Currently co-authors are not able to edit a publication entry.  Is this is a significant issue for enough people it will need to be added to the project roadmap.  


    Event list contains duplicates

    Johannes Leveling 12 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan 0
    Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan

    Think we definitely need to build in some duplication checking to the Event table in the DB.


    Can't update publication files

    Joao Cabral 11 ár síðan updated by Joachim 11 ár síðan 1


    I need to upload the latest version of papers which were accepted to conferences.

    The problem is that when I upload a new file, there is no message confirming the file was uploaded and the web page is redirected to the CNGL home page.

    When I try to check if the new file was uploaded I get an error message. For example:

    "The requested URL /projects/project23/nolisp_cabral_2013_final.pdf was not found on this server"

    I tried with other publication entries and I get the same error.



    adding journal required submission date

    David Lewis 11 ár síðan 0

    but apart from special issues this is not appropriate and should not be a compulsory tool


    List of people is missing person previously added as co-author to another publication

    Joachim 11 ár síðan updated by David Filip 10 ár síðan 1

    Jennifer is missing when trying to add her to a 3rd publication after successfully adding her to 2 publication co-author lists:

    Select one or more co-authors form the list below


    a | b | c | d | e | f | g | h | i | j | k | l | m
    n | o | p | q | r | s | t | u | v | w | x | y | z

    Related to: http://userecho.com/topic/159627-list-of-people-is-missing-person-previously-added-to-a-list-of-attendees-for-example-alex/

    Under review

    List of people is missing person previously added to a list of attendees, for example Alex

    Joachim 11 ár síðan updated by Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan 4

    1. added a meeting, added Alex (appears under "O" as expected)

    2. added another meeting

    3. added yet another meeting, again trying to add Alex but this time he is not in the list:

    O'Beirne, Ciaran - ciaran.obeirne@ucd.ie
    O'Brien, Sharon - Sharon.OBrien@dcu.ie
    O'Brien, Timothy - timothy.obrien@nuigalway.ie
    O'Dowd, Tony - Tonyod@alchemysoftware.ie
    O'Keeffe, Ian - Ian.OKeeffe@scss.tcd.ie
    O'Keeffe, Ian - ian.okeeffe@ul.ie
    O'Sullivan, Declan - declan.osullivan@tcd.ie
    Oertel, Catha - catha@kth.se
    Ogbureke, Udochukwu Kalu - udo.kalu@yahoo.es
    Okita, Tsuyoshi - tokita@computing.dcu.ie

    Joris Vreeke 11 ár síðan

    Working on this now.